Warrior / Coat - Black

Warrior / Coat - Black

This design was done out of respect for all of our past Native warriors who played the vital role of securing the borders for their land. There were many wars between different Native American tribes. I did this not to ignite any old bad feelings, but to give respect to the ones that put it down for their tribes to secure the safety of their people. Every tribe has stories of those who protected their lands animals and resources that provided food and clothing. Today all Native Americans have no more need for this conflict. Out of the millions of Americans in the U.S. today, all tribes share the same unique traditional values and this has bonded all in a way that was never imagined by our ancestors.

This piece is a custom CarharttĀ® winter coat. The outside of the hood is hand crafted by an Alaskan Native, Selina DeWilde-Alexander, lined with the traditional wolf/wolverine ruff designed to keep you warm and keep the wind chill out. The wolf ruff is the lighter colored fur on the outside; it has longer guard hairs that are meant to block the wind from you while the wolverine ruff, the lighter colored fur closer to the inside is known to be resistant to icing up from your breath in the cold Alaskan winters. The Alaskan Natives call this style of ruff the "Sunshine Ruff".

The coat can be customized even further with different colors for the embroidery or the garment itself. It can also have a name or word embroidered with your placement of choice.

For special order, contact Ricko DeWilde at:
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