Always Ready / Hoodie - Black

Always Ready / Hoodie - Black


“Always Ready” is a design that represents what is needed in life to take on the strongest challenges coming at you. I did this design in hopes of resurrecting that strong spirit of our past ancestors who ensured our survival by never giving up and facing challenges that today would seem impossible. There are stories of our forefathers running down caribou with snow shoes in freezing cold winters and killing them with bows. When a moose track was found in the snow, a hunter and his party would follow the animal sometimes for weeks to ensure his tribes survival. During these hunts, the Natives would have to hunt and eat small game such as spruce grouse, rabbits, lynx, etc.. until finally harvesting the big catch and bringing it back to their tribe.

Too many times today our people are depicted as a beaten and broken race. Like the dying Indian slumped over his horse, or the crying Indian walking down a road littered with debris. It is as if we are being played as a broken group of people that are defenseless to the hardships and challenges that is faced in today's society.

In the past there were many times of war, hunger, and nomadic hardships, but no matter the situation coming at them, never once did the men and women warriors ever have the word “quit” in their minds.

Today has many challenges, while not the same as in the past, it certainly may end in death all the same.

But like our ancestors we must push on and face any challenges coming and know with confidence in our hearts that we are always ready to fight another day.


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